ISCPO – Violence in the Workplace video podcast

 The threat of an active shooter and workplace violence is a sobering reality in today’s society, prompting organizations to prioritize comprehensive emergency preparedness plans. The potential for such events underscores the critical need for proactive measures, including employee training, security assessments, and the implementation of robust safety protocols. Addressing the underlying factors that may … Read more

Cargo Theft Solutions with Todd Moore and Stan Campbell – Audio Podcast –

Oct 2, 2023 ISCPO board member, Todd Moore spent some time with Stan Campbell with Truck News Talk discussing cargo theft solutions as both Canada and the US have seen a 15% increase in recorded cargo theft incidents. For more details about TruckNewsTalk and Stan Campbell – Listen on:           … Read more

2023 Episode 1 – ISCPO – The beginning and the road to the future! – Video Podcast –

ISCPO – The beginning and the road to the future! It’s been nine years since the beginning of the International Supply Chain Protection Organization, listen to Byron Smith, Glenn Master and Rod Fulenwider discuss how it all began, what’s been going on for these nine years and a look towards the future. This episode sponsored … Read more

LPM Podcast: New Ways to Manage Supply Chain in Today’s COVID Environment | Ep. 47

View the Podcast Hear the Podcast In the LPM podcast, Maurizio Scrofani, director of global supply chain asset protection safety for The Home Depot, discusses how his company adapted new ways to receive and process freight while keeping everyone safe in this new Covid-19 environment. Supply chain expert Chuck Forsaith describes changes transportation companies have … Read more

The Evolution & Future of Employee Screening –

ZOOM Webinar July 1, 2020 View webinar Byron Smith, LPC, CFI Chairman @International Supply Chain Protection Organization Byron is a veteran Asset Protection professional with a thirty-year career working for various retailers, including Eckerd Drugs, Office Depot, Circuit City and 7-Eleven. His experience has specialized in directing regional and corporate asset protection/loss prevention, distribution/logistics, risk … Read more