The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) is a non-profit professional association that connects members from a wide array of sectors across the global supply chain including retail, wholesale, eCommerce, manufacturing, insurance, risk management/legal, distribution, operations, and logistics, as well as, law enforcement and government agencies.

Together, we are working to make the movement of goods and services more reliable, efficient, and transparent, so that companies working within these sectors can mitigate risk, control supply channels and costs, and maintain high industry standards.

ISCPO Mission: to promote, support, educate, and advocate for the advancement of supply chain security and protection through strategic partnerships, international agency engagement and the building of strong cross industry networks within the global supply chain.

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Carriers: Are You ISCPO Certified?

The ISCPO Carrier Security Audit & Certification is an exciting program for 3PL’s. Final mile carriers can save time and resources by adhering to ISCPO's industry-wide standards; a win-win for carriers and their clients. Learn More

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