The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) is a non-profit professional organization that connects members from across a wide array of sectors—from manufacturing, retail/wholesale/eCommerce, and distribution, to risk management/legal, law enforcement, and logistics. Our goal: to promote, educate, and advocate supply chain security and protection through building strong networks and delivering exceptional leadership training, board representation, and industry support.

Together, we’re working to make the movement of goods and services more reliable, efficient, and transparent, so that companies working within these sectors can mitigate risk, control supply channels and costs, and maintain high industry standards.

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2017 Conference is Adjourned!

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the conference for two days of networking, collaboration, and education. Watch for updates and conference highlights in our next newsletter or join the conversation online on LinkedIn or Twitter 

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Our robust membership facilitates extensive networking and the sharing of knowledge, trends, and ideas between private and public sectors. Take advantage of conferences and workshops, board meetings and other opportunities to connect one-on-one with Supply Chain professionals from around the world.

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We provide the framework and executional capacity to advance the careers of professionals working in the Supply Chain business, including industry-specific training, certifications, and ongoing education and awareness activities.

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Our members come from a host of leading organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies, and represent both the interests and the immediate and long-term needs of the industry on Boards and government panels for the betterment of the global supply chain network as a whole.

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Join the ISCPO today to gain access to networking opportunities, tools, training, and more. Your annual membership not only supports the ISCPO, it’s your direct connection to an ever-expanding network of like-minded professionals. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to shape the mandates and advance the needs of the industry, and your role in it!

The buzz at recent conferences like RILA and NRF Protect was unanimous. Securing and protecting a company's brand, people, and goods and services has never been more crucial to survival. Global threats, cyber security, and omnichannel distribution are disrupting and transforming our industry. As LP and security professionals are we ready for it? Will our voice be heard in the C-suite? Join us on September 12-13 in Dallas, TX for two days of education, networking, and collaboration.


Here's why you can't afford to miss ISCPO 2017:

ISCPO 2017 is not like other industry conferences that focus on one or just a few aspects of security, such as retail. LP can no longer be siloed given that risk is now everywhere within your organization and on a global level.

The ISCPO is the ONLY professional organization that advocates security and risk management across the WHOLE supply chain.

You'll hear from a variety of speakers within the private and public sectors who will share how their companies are adapting and innovating as well as the latest trends in supply chain security, industry theft, global trends, and investigation.

You'll learn from industry veterans on how to formalize LP strategies, implement cost-saving programs and drive change and get C-level buy-in. 

You'll discover and evaluate new vendors' products and services that will take your team and company to the next level in security.

We keep our vendor floor at a manageable size so that you're not wasting time walking through a maze of too many choices and unproven products. That's why we only host the best-in-breed vendors.   

Here's a sneek peek at one of our speakers: Jeronimo Sosa, DHL Regional Security Head Latin America will share BETA test results of Utilizing Drones for security in a distribution.

This year's theme is all about innovation and how we need to adapt and evolve in the changing landscape.

Past attendees of our annual conference have said that its intimate and interactive 2-day agenda provides a fantastic medium to partner with peers on business trend and to keep their fingers on the pulse.

"At ISCPO’s 2016 conference I met a lot of people and vendors that sparked new ideas along with hearing about cases on a federal level that affect my business. Having this knowledge and bringing it home to my team enables me and my organization to stay current.”- Aaron Henderson, Penske Logistics