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Bank, Wes
Description: DHL eCommerce, Directory of Loss Prevention, Melrose Park, IL, 847-736-2910
Beckwith, Malcolm
Brightbill, Matthew
Description: TJX COS, Mgr of Supply Chain Investigations, Framingham, MA, 215-651-2621
Budnik, Joseph
Clark, Jeff
Description: Founder of 7PSolutions a provider of unique real-time GPS solutions for the supply chain. A seasoned veteran managing global transportation companies for 27 years before being part of an eight-person team that started BioStorage Technologies. These combined experiences lead to the beginning of 7P a company started to fulfill an unmet need in the pharmaceutical supply chain; cargo security, brand protection, quality assurance, product integrity, logistics, carrier performance. Since opening 7P we have been a leader in innovation and services for the global supply chain.
Cricket Adams, Wm.
Description: USPack Logistics, Director of Loss Prevention, Folcroft, PA, 256-293-2462
D'Aloia, Liz
Dahlstorm, Bryan
Foster, John
Friedman, Brian
Fulenwider, Rod
George, CPP, Lisa
Description: Babaco Alarm Systems Inc has been the leader in providing transportation security since 1932. Billions of dollars of cargo have been safely transported throughout the U.S. and Canada under the protection of Babaco. Babaco’s security features include: proprietary vehicle alarm systems; GPS tracking; patented automatic door locking systems for all types of commercial vehicles; digital seals; high-security padlocks; and wireless devices connecting commercial vehicles to central station monitoring. Babaco newest security addition is a fully customizable APP that can used to digitize any process on any smart device. Babaco is uniquely qualified to design and install individualized security systems to protect mobile assets.  
Hagedorn, Lauren
Description: Abercrombie & Fitch, Asset Protection, Lewis Center, OH, 491-654-1300
Harvey, John
Description: Barnes & Noble Senior Loss Prevention Manager - Distribution & Logistics 775-221-5363
Heidtke, Jeanne
Description: Wolverine World Wide, Supply Chain Security Manager, Rockford, MI, 616-866-3787
Helms, Rich
Description: ISCPO website webmaster. 905-852-9294 Sunderland, Ontario, Canada
Henderson, Aaron
Hiller, Elie
Description: I've spent the past 25+ years in the Logistics IT solutions space and recently started working at Contguard, an IoT-enabled cargo monitoring & analytics solution provider. We offer real-time & macro views of goods-in transit, providing visibility, security, quality control and brand protection.
Hoover, Wayne
Johnson, Ben
Jones, David
Description: DHL/Exel Supply Chain, VP – Global Security Lead, Westerville, OH, 614-787-3172
Kadane, Paul
Description: DHL eCommerce, Field Security Manager, Lewisville, TX, 214-808-0665
Larkin, David
Lateef Olanrewaju, Deinde
Medrano, Gerardo
Description: After making a consistent and successful run at the BPO world for 11 years, I was drafted into the Transportation and Logistics madness. For the past 12 years I have helped US based companies to achieve operational maturity, business growth and financial stability as we have endeavored into the Mexican market. My latest venture into entrepreneurship has proven to be the challenge I’ve been preparing for all of my life. Our company is working as on-the-ground eyes and ears for international e-commerce organizations shipping into Mexico, where we serve as customs clearance and final mile service providers, customer service brand representatives for both corporate and end-user customers, and reverse logistics operators.
Moore, Todd
Description: I'm the Vice President of ISB Global Services, Cargo Theft and Specialty Risk Division. I manage a comprehensive cargo loss prevention & supply chain security program designed to assist insurance companies, commercial transportation companies and police agencies with cargo theft mitigation and real-time escalation solutions. I'm a retired Police Detective with 31 years policing service with experience working in the Intelligence, Organized Crime and Robbery Units. I'm a designated Certified Security Professional (C.S.P.).
Mwaura, Muchohi
Description: Gavin de Becker and Associates, Intelligence Analyst, San Francisco, CA,
O’ Callaghan, Donie
Orben, Andrew
Description: I'm Director of Business Development at Tekovery—the brand protection company. Tekovery enables brands to safeguard their reputation, and maintain complete control over their product footprint. I specialize in reverse logistics, and the reverse supply chain; it's my responsibility to help clients understand their options when it comes to handling excess, recalled and returned merchandise. 📞 (914) 226-8322 x114
Patrick Burns, J
Description: Bob’s Discount Furniture, Vice President, Loss Prevention, Groton, CT, 518-527-0117
Perchard, Jenn
Piserchio, Les
Description: Director of Loss Prevention Logistics at Bed Bath and Beyond.
R. Jones, Michael
Description: Michael Jones is the Regional Loss Prevention Manager for the Logistics Directorate for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (Exchange), at it's headquarters location in Dallas, Texas. Established in 1895, the Exchange is the Department of Defense's largest military retailer and the 62nd largest retailer in the United States. With an annual revenue of $8.7 billion, the Exchange generated $386 million in earnings in fiscal year 2018. From those earnings, the Exchange provided $223 million in dividends to support Quality-of-Life programs critical to Warfighters' readiness and resiliency. The Exchange operates nearly 4,000 facilities, including department and convenience stores, restaurants, malls, movie theaters, gas stations and other specialty retail businesses on military installations in 50 states, four U.S. territories and 34 countries. To support combat readiness and provide foreign-based service members and their families with U.S. products, the Exchange operates bakeries in Europe and Asia and water plants in Europe under six licenses from U.S. consumer goods companies, including Wonder Bread, Krispy Kreme and Culligan.
Richardson, Zachary
Roberts, Dave
Description: Lasership, Director of Loss Prevention, Baltimore, Maryland, 703-400-1559
Rogers, King
Description: The King Rogers Group, Chief Executive Officer, Edina, MN, 612-840-2201
Romano, Mike
Siegel, Sanford
Silvia, Jeff
Description: Lead and support Corporate Asset Protection & Safety, the Asset Protection Operations Center Team, and Logistics Asset Protection at Big Lots.
Smith, Byron
Description: 7-Eleven, INC, Corporate Asset Protection Manager, Irving, TX, 469-215-8184 Over twenty-nine years experience specializing in directing regional and corporate risk management, security, asset protection/loss prevention policies, facility management, safety, and internal auditing. Specialties: Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Techniques, Certified Forensic Interviewer, Retail Operational Knowledge, Sales Skills, Enterprise Risk Management, Security Systems Implantation, Inventory Management, Shrink Reduction, Investigations, Executive Protection, Distribution and Supply Chain, Physical Security, Fleet Management, Associate Training/Awareness Programs, and Emergency Planning
Thompson, Melanie
Description: Fossil, INC, Loss Prevention Investigator, Richardson, TX, 469-767-4300
Tinsman, Corey
Van Druten, Richard
W Evans, David
Walker-Bey, Kristin
Walsh, Robert
Welch, Robert
Wurzel, Paul
Description: OnTrac, Director of Loss Prevention/Security, Pleasanton, CA, 510-734-6384
Zehel, Shawn