2019 Conference & Presentations –

March 6-7, 2019

The ISCPO Team would like to thank those that attended and participation at this year’s conference. We would also like to thank the vendor community that supported our 5th conference at the 7-Eleven Store Support Center—Irving, Texas. Looking forward to another great event in the near future. Review the ISCPO website and navigate to our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages. Become members and Like those pages. Feel free to contribute or ask a question anytime. www.iscpo.org


Session Videos:

Session 1 – Physical and Digital Aspects of a Supply Chain Investigation

Session 2 – ISCPO Supply Chain Analytics External Presentation

Session 4 – Labor Shortages in the Supply Chain

Session 7 – 2019 American Airlines

ISCPO Q&A Session

Launching ISCPO Podcasts and More Details on Conference

Listen to the ISCPO 360 Security Podcasts