Priority Express Courier, a Capstone Logistics Company is the latest to be ISCPO Carrier Certified –


Regional Transportation Carrier Awarded Ground-Breaking Security Certification

The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) adds Priority Express Courier, A Capstone Logistics Company to its roster of certified final-mile carriers.

Dallas, TX (June 22, 2020) – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –  The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) is pleased to announce that Priority Express Courier, A Capstone Logistics Company has been officially awarded the ISCPO Carrier Certified designation, as part of the ISCPO’s Carrier Security Audit & Certification program.

Priority Express Courier has achieved full compliance with ISCPO Carrier Security Requirements, which includes a comprehensive due diligence process and analysis of various security standards necessary to ensure the integrity of goods flowing through the carriers and their clients’ extended supply chain.

“We will continue to see the demands on eCommerce from both consumers and businesses. There is an inherent increase in complexity and risk within transportation,” says Byron Smith CFI LPC, Chairman of the ISCPO. “The ISCPO Carrier Security Audit & Certification program helps recognizes those that execute above and beyond in universal controls and standards, carrier accountability, and transparency within the marketplace among the growing third-party regional carriers.”

Carriers awarded the ISCPO Carrier Certified designation demonstrate their commitment to maintaining elevated levels of security, both internally and externally with their clients. By adhering to one framework of standards set by the ISCPO, time and resources are saved on all fronts. Clients have peace-of-mind that their goods are secure while in transit. Carriers save time and expense by not having to toggle between different client security programs. And, the end customer gets their package on time.

“Priority Express is proud to become a certified ISCPO Security Carrier,” says James Murphy, Compliance Manager/TSA Security Coordinator at Priority Express. “Controlling loss and damage is a critical component of a successful supply chain. We are building a culture that is security focused at every level of our organization and we are prepared to protect our partners’ assets.  This certification ensures that we deliver the security and peace of mind that every one of our partners demands and deserves.”

Wes Bank LPC, ISCPO Vice Chairman adds, “The ISCPO congratulates the Priority Express Team on this terrific achievement.  Their 26 years in the logistics service industry has laid the foundation to support the industry’s best practices necessary in minimizing loss incidents and service failures.   Let’s face it, 3PLs are a cost-effective way for businesses to move goods through their extended supply chain.   Therefore, when a service provider such as Priority Express chooses to apply resources to demonstrate competency through certification, those efforts must be acknowledged and applauded.”

For more information about the ISCPO Carrier Audit & Certification Program: ISCPO Carrier Security Audit & Certification Program

About Priority Express Courier, A Capstone Logistics Company

Since 1994, Priority Express has set the standard in the transportation and logistics industry. Our mission is to provide customized solutions to meet our customer’s requirements for timely and secured services. With Priority Express, you can expect constant and seamless communication. We pride ourselves in being the leading expedited logistics partner using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Our GPS live tracking and up-to-the-minute ETA’s allows our customers to constantly view, track, and trace all shipments with 24/7 online access to account activity.  For more information about Priority Express Courier, A Capstone Logistics Company, visit

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The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) is a non-profit professional organization that connects members from across a wide array of sectors—from manufacturing, retail/wholesale/eCommerce, and distribution to risk management, law enforcement/legal, and logistics. The organization was created in 2014 to promote, educate, and advocate supply chain security and protection through building strong networks and delivering exceptional leadership training, board representation, and industry support.

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