ISCPO Carrier Security Audit & Certification Program

New Industry Certification for ‘Final-Mile’ Carriers

We’re pleased to announce a ground-breaking, industry certification for “final-mile” carriers: ISCPO Carrier Security Audit & Certification Program. The ISCPO has defined various security standards necessary to ensure the integrity of goods flowing through one’s extended supply chain. The Carrier Security Requirements is a document that is fundamental for all “final-mile” carriers and provides the standards most relevant to the risks or losses suffered by businesses today. Acknowledgement and adherence to these Carrier Security Requirements are the basis for certification.

Why Get Certified?

  • ISCPO-Carrier-CertificationMaintain one set of standards to address all clients’ basic security requirements
  • Reduce the time and expense of toggling between different client security programs
  • Align your internal security program with industry standards
  • Improve audit compliance and reduce your client’s risk
  • Increase business opportunities with reciprocal marketing:
    • Proudly display the ISCPO Carrier Certified Badge on your website
    • Be listed as a Certified Carrier at

Our goal is for these requirements to be adopted by a majority of Final-mile or Regional Carriers as well as the organizations that contract with them. By embracing these standards, the benefits to both parties are numerous but most importantly the Carriers can stand behind one set of requirements without having to manage various customer programs differently within the same space. It sets the Carrier up for success by reducing wasteful time and expense from the operation.

Who Can Apply?

Third-party logistics carriers can apply for the certification that recognizes their commitment and compliance of industry standards, risk management processes and universal controls between customer and service provider.

Congrats to USPack LogisticsInnovative Courier Solutions, STAT Delivery Services, NEWKIRK Logistics, NOW Courier, Inc. Associated Couriers, INC. LaserShip, INC. and Priority Express on their certifications.

For more information on this program please contact

Get Certified in 3 Steps:

We encourage all carriers to step up and get ISCPO Carrier Certified. Note that the process and due diligence isn’t time-consuming and is no cost to maintain integrity. It’s a solid program that aligns your internal security program with industry standards.

  1. Submit the Carrier Certification & Self-Assessment Worksheet to
  2. ISCPO representative contacts carrier for in-depth interview and due diligence checklist
  3. ISCPO awards certification upon carrier meeting criteria

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