ISCPO Announces Flock Safety as a Preferred Vendor Partner

ISCPO Welcomes Flock Safety as Preferred Vendor Partner to Further Boost Supply Chain Security


Dallas, Texas (October 23, 2023) – Today, the International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) proudly announces the exciting addition of Flock Safety as a preferred vendor partner. With the ever-accelerating speed of business in the supply chain industry, ISCPO members rely on various vendors to provide cutting-edge tools, technology, and services that optimize their departments and streamline the flow of goods. Driven by its commitment to continuous improvement, ISCPO is dedicated to expanding its array of vendor solutions, harnessing emerging technologies, and staying at the forefront of industry best practices. The partnership with Flock Safety as a preferred vendor helps our members with customized, unique safety solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. These solutions are all powered by state-of-the-art license plate recognition (LPR) technology, focused on protecting assets, employees, and customers.

For ISCPO members, integrating Flock Safety into their security measures translates to a multitude of benefits. This includes gaining access to enhanced investigative leads for expeditious case resolutions, proactively monitoring and addressing potential security threats, and enjoying a hassle-free security solution that seamlessly elevates safety within their businesses. Through the utilization of Flock Safety’s comprehensive suite of services and cutting-edge technologies, ISCPO members can adeptly safeguard their assets while maintaining a swift response readiness to potential threats.

About Flock Safety:
Flock Safety is an all-in-one technology solution to eliminate crime and keep your community safe. Our intelligent platform combines the power of communities at scale – including cities, businesses, schools, and law enforcement agencies – to shape a safer future together. Our full-service, maintenance-free technology solution is trusted by more than 3,700 communities across the country to help solve and deter crime in the pursuit of safer communities for everyone. Visit for more info.

Key Contact: Chris Reene | Head of Commercial Sales
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About International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO):

The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) is a non-profit professional organization that connects members from across a wide array of sectors—from manufacturing, retail/wholesale/eCommerce, and distribution to risk management, law enforcement/legal, and logistics.

The organization was created in 2014 to promote, educate, and advocate supply chain security and protection through building strong networks and delivering exceptional leadership training, board representation, and industry support.

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