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A Truly Unique Approach to Security
Protos is a leading provider of security solutions across North America. Using a managed service model allows us to ensure that our service is top-notch as we can best match a security vendor with your unique needs in mind. By placing technology and innovation at the center of what we do, we give full transparency, real-time updates, and general visibility into your security program.

Our client retention rate is unmatched by the competition as our technology gives our operations team insight into the performance of our vendor network while our clients receive insight into their security program. This data is readily available for clients and vendors alike to connect into our software and visualize what is commonly unrealized. This unique approach allows Protos to demonstrate trends in the data of your security program so you can focus on what’s important.

What Makes Our Security Services Different?
We provide security officer services at the national level with the backing of our vendor network locally. As a differentiated security services provider, Protos enhances the customer experience by placing our service first mindset and technology-enabled solutions in the forefront. Across all industries, we know that our clients rely and depend on consistent security service solutions that meet the unique needs of their company, its culture and their specific sites.

Protos was the first to offer a complete security management dashboard for managing a manned security program. Using any internet-connected device, our clients are able to view real-time information as well as a data archives for valuable long-term analysis.

Protos is committed and dedicated to providing efficient and scalable security services. We provide well-trained and reliable security staff and well-managed, well-organized security program management. Our client portal and dispatch team are available 24/7/365 to ensure you receive the best service available.

We offer a range of security officer services from unarmed or armed, to off-duty police, marked patrol vehicles, professional concierge officers and more. These services are provided with either a professional dress uniform or a tactical uniform, depending on your needs.

Through our partnership with LiveView Technologies, we can provide autonomous security trailers. Technology alone can’t replace the human dynamics of a security guard program, so we also handle monitoring the activity for you. With Protos, you receive state-of-the-art technology and experienced monitoring, all backed by excellent customer service from a dedicated team.

Protos modernizes a standard security approach by augmenting security staff with devices and technology. We provide solutions through Robotic Assistance Devices to offer immediate activation of video surveillance and recording, access control and other advanced technologies. These solutions can be deployed individually, as a suite of products or in conjunction with a more comprehensive security program.

Protos Labs and Innovative Advancements
Protos Labs is the technology division of the organization and the hub for Protos Security’s ongoing innovations. Our in-house development capabilities afford us the opportunity to provide industry leading software to increase operational oversight for our clients. Our service first culture is driven by field level feedback with a focus on continuous improvement. With one of the highest levels of security officer software utilization in the industry, our clients achieve operational efficiencies through data integrity.

As part of Protos’ ongoing commitment to technology and our established legacy as disrupters within the industry, Protos Labs provides a unique look into the future of Protos’ software and technology offerings as well as what the future holds for advancements and innovation in the security industry.

About Protos Security
In 2006, Protos Security was founded on the realization that the security industry was not adopting modern standards of technology. We have been innovating and transforming the industry ever since. Our goals were to deliver innovative technologies to the security industry, reduce overall program costs, capture valuable data from the security officers and improve the accountability of the security officers. Protos has grown to become the premier guard service management company by placing our technology at the center of our service offering.