About Us

The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO) was established in 2014 to promote a collaborative effort of networking, benchmarking and resource development for security and Loss Prevention professionals across the global supply chain. Regardless of business segment, threats against the global supply chain are widespread and committed by many of the same bad actors and criminal organizations.

The ISCPO has three primary objectives:

  1. Networking – across global lines of both private and public sectors
  2. Partnership & Advocacy – create the avenue by which private and public relationships can move into successful business relationships
  3. Training & Education – provide adequate, professional and timely training (via multiple venues) that is industry specific and relevant

Our members hail from six key industry sectors: manufacturing, retail/wholesale, logistics, distribution, law enforcement, and risk management/legal. There two main commonalities no matter where they are on the chain, each member is responsible for protecting and securing the transportation of goods and services as they move through the global supply chain.

iscpo-manufacturingManufacturers play many key roles in our industry.  Chief among those roles is the successful integration of communication channels between shipping and distribution centers; source tagging, seal management and return management.

full-width-sliderSecuring retail and wholesale supply channels in a manner that evolves with along side merchandising, new fulfillment processes, and hand held just in time point of sales is a challenge that can't be shied away from, but rather embraced.

cross-browserSystems designed to focus on securing inventory from point of manufacture to point of sale means a diverse and collaborative approach across many key functional arenas.  Securing inventory in transport requires some of the most responsive tactics available.

save-timeStoring property in a secure manner, without loosing it, destroying it, or letting it walk out the door without authorization is hard enough. But when that property is over 1 million seperate items spread out over two football fields, and is coming and going through the hands of as many as 1000 different organizations. Only a truly trained professional could make that work.

iscpo-law-enforcementCriminal activity not only spans across multiple jurisdictions but also across multiple countries. Having a solid law enforcement network both domestically and internationally are critical in identifying loss trends and working collaborative investigations.

unlimitied-colorsMost organizations are able to identify, assess, and prioritize strategies to manage and mitigate their risk.  Risks can arise from accidents, natural disasters, deliberate attacks, and other liabilities.  Professional supply chain security managers are keenly focused on addressing risk.