House bill aims to upgrade CTPAT – American Shipper By Chris Gillis | Jul 15, 2019 Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins introduced legislation to reauthorize and enhance the functionality of the CBP’s Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Program. Rep. Clay Higgins, R-La., who serves as the ranking member of the House Border Security, Facilitation and Operations Subcommittee, has introduced legislation to reauthorize … Read more

Supply Chain Continues to Change –

Courtesy of LPM Loss Prevention Magazine by Rod Fulenwider Much more attention is now being paid to supply chain than ever before. That is evidenced in the pages of this magazine where the editors are focusing more and more articles related to supply chain security and on-shelf availability. Today, supply chain is a different animal … Read more

The Rise of the End-to-End Logistics Provider –

This article was originally published by Loss Prevention Magazine and was written by ISCPO Board Member and past Chairman, Glenn Master.   If you’re like me, you’ve probably placed an order online in the last ninety days. Like most online experiences, it was likely seamless. You type a product in the search field, pull up … Read more

Into the Rabbit Hole of Supply-Chain Risk by Maurizio P. Scrofani, CCSP, LPC –

Learning How Much We Don’t Know Is the First Step to Appreciating Supply-Chain Risk Management This article was written by ISCPO Board Member Maurizio P. Scrofani, CCSP, LPC, and was originally published at LPM. Also read at LPM: Into the Rabbit Hole of Supply-Chain Risk The supply-chain web is spun so intricately that it’s impossible to … Read more

DCVelocity interview with Scott Cornell – Changing Face of Cargo Theft –

Article originally published at DCVelocity:–interview-with-scott-cornell/ THOUGHT LEADERS | THE DC VELOCITY Q & A The changing face of cargo theft: interview with Scott Cornell Cargo theft and protection is a cat-and-mouse game over some valuable cheese, according to Scott Cornell of Travelers Insurance. By Mark B. Solomon When it comes to cargo theft, there is … Read more

3 Ways Carriers Can Demonstrate Competency in Maintaining Cargo Integrity –

Ask your carrier these three questions… Businesses moving goods through their supply chain have two choices, transport it themselves or outsource it. Transportation is typically one of the largest expenditures within a Supply Chain operation. Most businesses choose to contract out at least a portion of their delivery volume, allowing them to realize immediate savings … Read more

Two FREE Whitepapers Every Loss Prevention Manager Should Read –

Staying current is a must in Loss Prevention. Whether you work in retail, logistics, or transportation you’ll get the latest stats, strategies, and best practices after reading these free white papers. Logistics Management: An Evaluation of Warehouse Operations & Trends This 42-page report features all the data gleaned from its readers in this year’s Warehouse … Read more

BSI Quarterly Intelligence Review –

Register for BSI’s Quarterly Intelligence Review Join us for BSI’s Q3 Quarterly Intelligence Review Webinar! During this review our SCREEN Intelligence Analyst will provide information on the following topics: Emerging trends and important news related to supply chain security, corporate social responsibility, business continuity and food safety and fraud Recent threat level changes Updates and … Read more

From the Experts: The Future is NOW in Supply Chain Security –

We asked ISCPO 2017 speakers and attendees to share the most pressing shifts and trends that are affecting supply chain security today. The future truly is NOW when it comes to protecting, securing, and managing goods as they flow through the supply chain. Aligning a supply chain security framework with customers’ buying behavior “The continued growth … Read more