2017 Conference & Presentations –

Sept 12-13, 2017
The ISCPO wrapped up another great conference this year in Garland, Texas. Presenters, attendees, and participating vendors walked away with an understanding that the Future is Now in the global supply chain, especially when it comes to Ecommerce, technology, and communication.

Once again, the ISCPO brought together a wide-range of speakers that provided a plethora of information spanning all sectors within the supply chain. Leading off as keynote speaker, Stuart Spiegel, Chief Marketing Officer for Newgistics provided insight proving that the Ecommerce consumer journey doesn’t end after it reaches the consumer’s doorstep. In the case of returns parcels, data transparency is key in providing a positive post-purchase experience for consumers. Participants got a real inside look at consumer behavior as it relates to how we all are now shopping.

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